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Where is the take a test button?

Posted by Dorothy 3 Comments 08/12/2017
My hospital has requested that I use the button which should be on the left hand side of the for form. I cannot see it.


Comments 3
  • r757Joint 10/06/2019

    i had medial left knee compartment surgery with Navio robotic system. I am sufferring from fatpad impingement on the unoperated previously trouble free lateral joint. Hospital physio failed to diagnose and v edismissive, even an urgent letter to consultant did not produce any response. My private physio suspected a ligamentous damage or meniscus damage and tried his better to improve my musculature but till 5 1/2 months down the line this has been diagnosed when it could have been diagnosed at 5 weeks if hospital had taken any action. During hospital admission the young physio did not make me do any exercises but left a sheet. so, 4 days I did not do any exercises as I was too still and needed help. in other hospitals, I am told they clean your feet daily to prevent infection and daily wound check and half and hour physio morning and evening. So, I came home stiff after four days but thought this is normal postoperative problem. The hospital physios were very basic and had no dedication to their work. A layman with a little training would have done this job better.

  • lindaisabel 06/09/2018

    can't see the take a test button

  • admin 22/08/2018

    Once you have logged in to JointPRO, you should see a black 'TAKE A TEST' button in a green box at the top left hand side of the page. If you have any further problems, do contact